Students, you have a challenge in this summer!

#Summer Learning Challenge: make the most of this summer!

Summer time is the ripe time for students, for acquiring new skills and knowledge's. However, many kids spend too much time in front of Television or Facebook or WhatsApp. To help students get best out of the upcoming summer vacation, is organizing a new “#Summer Learning Challenge”, where the students can learn thousands of online courses like photography, dance, music or astrophysics, from world renowned eLearning websites, for free. They can learn as easily as they play videogames or Xbox, as the courses are prepared using latest learning methods like gamification, MOOC, VLE etc.

"Summer Learning Challenge is the perfect blend of entertainment and learning for students. The course provides flexibility, while also allowing the students to connect with their peers. There is no doubt that this is a fun and enjoyable way for the students to spend their summer time," said Sujai G Pillai, Founder of He is also one among 20 MyGov Ambassador selected by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and also the Programme Coordinator for United Nation CTAD for promoting Entrepreneurship in India.


A similar initiative was undertaken by KhanAcademy, which conducted a summer Challenge called 'LearnStorm'. Specialized in mathematics, the Challenge was designed specially for schools kids in America.  More details can be found at: is pioneer collaborative learning platform that was founded in 2006. Currently, there are more than 35,000 expert tutors and is ranked among the top five e-Learning websites in India.